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ok, osx has gone berzerk. less than 5 programs will open. they include iTunes, System Prefs, XDarwin and Terminal. I can't make any cli progs work. I can't get chimera, or mozilla to work. Not even an x11 version. Navigator drops out saying it unexpectedly quit, or another instance is running and therefore it can't. mozilla just bounces and falls off the dock. x11-mozilla after a while, says theres a bus error.

so, now i'm in os9 (ew). i want my jaguar back. anyone have any ideas what was going on. the most recent thing i did was setup a cvs server. on another comp, my friend logged in and checked out some shit. since then my comp's been f'd up. but programs dont work even if i unplug the ethernet cable (i dont know how to turn off the cvs server in software, so i figured the phys connection should be dropped).

i have a blue&white g3/350. 320 MB RAM. i had jaggie 10.2, which is fubar'd now. i'm in 9.2.1 now. i really need some help on this.


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    just reinstall 10.2 over the existing install.

    I would choose "Archive" as the option. so you get a new system, but your user gets transferred.
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    Whoa whoa whoa. Before reinstalling, you should at least see if the system is fixable.

    Try booting from the 10.2 install CD and do the following. When the installer screen loads, choose "Disk Utility" from the Installer menu. Select your main partition and click the First Aid tab. Click the Repair Disk button first. When that's finished, click the Repair Disk Permissions button. If your system has been damaged, it's likely that that this will fix it.

    As a last resort, *then* try the reinstall.

    I should note that I have read reports that old installations of xfree86, x11, xdarwin, etc. do NOT play well with 10.2, that they need some kind of update to function properly. I haven't used xfree86 in a long time,; so, I can't tell you exactly what the change would be.

    By the way, if Chimera is telling you another instance is running, then the preferences for it have been mucked. This is a known bug. Go to your home Library/Application Support/Chimera/Profiles/default/xxxxxxxx.slt folder and trash the "lock" file. That should allow Chimera to relaunch.

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