help with Entourage in OSX

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I have 3 accounts setup in Entourage - everything was fine then all of a sudden when I hit send and recieve, which used to send and recieve from all 3 accounts, it now doesn't work.

I now have to press and hold on the sedn and receieve button and choose each accoutn one at a time...

Is there a way to fix this? - I have tried messing aorund with the send and recieve schedule settings but noi matter what i do I can no longer hit that button and recieve from all 3 with one hit of the button.

Thanks in advance



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    In the account setup dialog, select, deselect and reselect the "include this account in send and receive all".

    For some reason, Entourage sometimes drops that setting, even when it appears to be checked.

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