Emptying Trash Freezes 10.2.1

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I upgraded to Quicken 2003 and tried to trash my old version 2002. When I threw it in the trash and tried to empty, my G4 Quicksliver 800 MHz locked up and the cursor was real jumpy when I moved it. WTF? I finally got the program removed after about 9 or 10 freezes by trashing one file at a time- the only thing that caused this seemed to be the program file itself. Every time it happened it messed up my directory big time and I had to boot from Norton to fix it. PITA big time. Anyway, everything's okay now but can anyone explain what was going on? Was this what is known as a kernal panic?


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    I don't know what the problem could have been, sorry. But if I ever have a problem like that, or if the trash tells me I can't throw something away I use the terminal. You could have opened the terminal and used the command rm (space) and then dragged the file into the terminal window and dropped it there. If you don't know a lot about UNIX be careful with things like this.

    No, this was not a kernal panic. Pre-Jaguar kernal panics were just lines of code printed across the screen, it looked like type just ate it's way through the GUI. Now, the kernal panics give you a "polite" gray screen that asks you to restart your computer in several different languages. Kernal panics usually happen when your computer is starting up.

    {EDIT: It could have been that the file you were trying to throw away was just really big and it was just taking a while}

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