Dented LCD bezel of PowerBook G4

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Anyone have any first-hand experience with repairs to the enclosure on a PowerBook? My cable modem fell off a shelf above my computer and dented the bezel around the LCD, just above the hinge. It appears to have sheared the tiny set screw as well, so the two halves of the LCD enclosure now separate whenever I open or close the screen.

Do Apple Retail stores offer any kind of walk-in service? If so, does anyone have any experiences to relate? I checked Apple's web site, and the $610 flat fee for any "plastics" related problem has me a bit scared off. Any other alternatives anyone can suggest?


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    Nope, Apple's policy is to send in all laptops. Even places like where I work, where we have a self sevice contract, are required to send Powerbooks in rather than just order parts for them and fix them ourselves. Your fix will probably require a monitor bezel kit, i.e. a whole new bezel.
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    Fixed it as (almost) good as new with a $2 tube of Krazy Glue. For a net savings of $608, I can live with a dent or two.
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