Problems with DVD Player in 10.2

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I originally posted this is the Software forum without success:

Everytime I buy a movie DVD, I copy it onto my machine by imaging it on Disc Copy. This works a treat and I now have a small library of DVDs on my G4. If somebody else "borrows" the original DVD, I can still watch the imaged version. However, since installing Mac OS X 10.2, the DVD Player no longer plays these images, including the DVDs I imaged before upgrading to 10.2.

Has anybody else experienced this problem? It's no big deal because I have the original DVDs anyway, but it is kinda annoying considering that this system worked perfectly before 10.2?


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    It's probably some sort of piracy protection. Have you tried ripping it with a program that DeCSS's it? It's still DVD quality (and will be just as big), but it won't have the protection crap that may be causing problems.
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    No I haven't tried that. It's food for thought.

    Thanks, torifile ?
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    There is a DVDCopy app for OS X that works great. However, I don't find it very practical - considering that the cost of hard drive space still equals that of a DVD, so it's pointless to copy it to your hard drive unless your super paranoid about loosing the original DVD or plan on ripping them into a DIVX movie. I've done this and if it's your intention - it will take approx. 20+ hours to rip a 4GB DVD movie into a 700MB MPEG. Way to damn long!!
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