Are Retina Displays from LG and Sharp already in Production on the New iPad ?

in iPad edited January 2014
Does anyone have any information on if LG and Sharp have started supplying their Retina display already to Apple for the New iPad. Early March, End of Feb the news was These two companies failed to meet Apple's Specification and hence were eliminated from the race. But lately again there is news that have ramped up and are now ready and have got a go ahead from Apple to start supplying the Retina Displays for the new iPad ! But has it already started happening ? Are the Retina Displays supplied by LG and Sharp already in production ? Do we have any new iPad unit which now has a LG or Sharp displays to it. When do you guys think if LG and Sharp have started supplying Display when is the earliest we could see a New iPad device with displays from these companies ?


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    Retina displays having features iPad 3, has been launched now world wide with more popularity and rumors. After releasing this new generation of iPhone, I am even so happy with my iPad 2.
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