Open Source Software in MAC OS X Lion

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Openoffice or LibreOffice:

Is anybody here able to use OpenOffice or LibreOffice in Mac OS X Lion? Any performance issues?

VLC from

I have been using this on my linux box, any body tried to use it on your Mac OS X?


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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 5,711member
    Can't speak for Office products, but VLC works awesome on OS X.
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    gelpgelp Posts: 22member
    I have a few among them is vlc and that works. If you really don't want to mess with your system you can install virtualbox and run an os with openoffice installed. It may seem a lot of work to do that, but openoffice uses java and than you have to figure out which java version you need to have installed. If you use windows in virtualbox it's a bit easier
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    cvaldes1831cvaldes1831 Posts: 1,832member

    I have used OpenOffice (or StarOffice) on Macs for many, many years and you do not have to figure out which version of Java to use. Just load the latest version of Java and OpenOffice will run fine.


    OpenOffice's finickiness with Java might have been an issue on Linux boxes circa 2002, but those days are long gone, particularly concerning Macs.


    Dicking around with Java versions is a Linux thing, not a Mac thing. It's one of the reasons why the system administration load on a Linux boxes is much higher than the sysadmin load on Macs.


    Lots of people have been using OpenOffice and vlc on Macs for years, so I don't know what else to say.

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    chipzchipz Posts: 100member
    I have used Open Office on my Mac for quite a long time (7+ years) and love it. It works fine under 10.7.x Lion and 10.8.x Mountain Lion. Another you might wish to try is Libre Office. It is practically the same as Open Office. The main difference is that Open Office is no longer being supported by its maker, so any updates or patches will be hard to find until someone in the group writes the needed updates. Libre Office is being supported actively and can be downloaded from
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