How to do a low-level format on an external FireWire Drive??

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Good day all,

I have a question, running Jag...and have a few external FireWire drives...and would like to do a low-level format on all of them, the manufactures strongly suggest that I do this, but however I would strongly prefer to do it Apple's way, is this possible? I have already tried to boot into OS9 and use the old version of drive setup, and it will not look at the drive for formatting at all, but however it will mount on the desktop. I would like to do all of this in Jag, or at the very least in a Jag compatible program..and Apples way...please help?

Thanks Mucho!


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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    I was about to reccomend booting into OS9 and do it because OS 9 Disk Setup gives you the option to zero all data and that stuff, but Disk Utility in X doesnt give you that option anymore. I'm also used to zeroing all data (takes long time but better) and I guess Apple just feels it doesnt make a difference or whatnot.

    Anyway, just use Disk Utility and format your FW HD that way. Thats what I do with my Lacie pocketdrive
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    If anyone does have an answer for this, I would greatly appreciate it, and thank you for the answers this far. I cannot zero it in OS9, because it says the drive is not supported, it will see the external firewire drives but not format them in anyway.

    Thanks! <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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