Work in progress?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Yes, AI did need an upgrade.

I sincerely hope, however, that this is a work in progress. A bit of a cluttered, confusing mess, and perhaps a serious step backwards, I have to say..... :-/


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    aaarrrggghaaarrrgggh Posts: 1,609member

    Yeah... wow... what a mess.

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    cgjcgj Posts: 276member

    Oh... Wow

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    The redone site is horrible.  I hate it.

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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,464member

    I'm sure the 4 or so massive flash ads that have to load with every page refresh have nothing to do with it feeling like a giant turd as well. I'm not saying there shouldn't be any ads, I'm simply say the size and amount of data they have to load counts for something.

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