Why doesn't Finder update file characteristics after file editing?

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I'm updating a client's website. I have a folder for the client, named after the client's domain. Let's call it, "domain". Within the folder, I have another folder, called "Images". In that folder, I have all the client's website images. One of the images is an icon file. It's a .png. It was 32px by 32px. I edited it, to create a 58px by 58px version to replace it. I filed the new version. The appearance is completely different. Upon saving the new file, I viewed the folder in Finder. I looked in both List and Icon views. Finder showed the file characteristics as 32px by 32px, with the image showing the old file. When I select a Preview, or when I elect to edit the file, the correct new file appears. Why is this? Is there a manner in which I may force Finder to "clear its cache" (if appropriate) and refresh the listed file information?


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    You could have a corrupt preference file. I think thats the finder preference file. You try deleting that file (Users/username/Library/Preferences) and then set those settings. 


    If you're using Lion the Library folder is hidden. You can get to it by holding down the option key on the keyboard while clicking on the Go menu. 

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