Have problems with iMac Software Install and Restore DVD

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I have an old iMac G4 currently on Mac OS X 10.3.9 but need to restore it back to the factory so I can get iTunes ( that is on an iLife 04 DVD ) that won't install do to the fact that the other iLife pkg "iMovie iPhoto &so on" have been updated.? I have the 3 iMac Software Install and Restore disks the disk labeled "1" states " To start up from Mac OS X on this DVD, hold down the C key as the computer starts up. This disk has Mac OS version 10.3.1 AHT version 2.0.3 and DVD version 1.1 on it.? My problem is that the computer ejects the disk after the apple logo comes up on the screen. I called apple tech & they no longer adssist you with this device nor software? Can anybody help?


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