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My wife's Macbook is getting pretty ancient (battery life is way down, heavy compared to modern laptops, etc.) - we're considering whether to just get her a new (or lightly used) Air, or if she could make do with an iPad and external keyboard.


She mostly uses her laptop for email, word processing, and general web-browsing. 


Any tips? Thanks!


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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    I would get the Air, iOS isn't ready to be used as a stand alone OS just yet. It's really just a media consumption device at the moment. It's also missing a lot of those features that make for a comfortable desktop experience that OSX can provide, for example; a file manager or being able to display multiple windows at once. I personally have tried many times but have always gone back to my Air. Maybe by the time Apple releases iOS 8 you'll bee able to use it as a desktop replacement.
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    Great advice, thanks Relic. I love my iPad and use it in bed a lot, so she's jealous, but I also have a MBP for work, so I haven't felt the limitations first hand.


    I was thinking that maybe Dropbox could help as a workaround for not having a native file system, but I think the list of exceptions like one might be too long. I guess the other alternative is to get some additional memory and a battery for her existing MB, then get the iPad so at least she has a functioning laptop on hand. 


    thanks again

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