Choose iPad 3 case?

in iPad edited January 2014

Recently, i bought a new ipad 3, and like most of the new ipad owners, i want to choose a proper ipad 3 case for it, but i have no idea about which is better... Can anyone share some experience? thank you very much!


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    mysticmystic Posts: 514member

    These look nice.

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    black catblack cat Posts: 2member

    Do you think the official ipad case is the best ? They have high price but something designed by others can provide the same function like official case with lower price, this is a case similar with official case with wake-up function and can also providing decent protection for ipad 3. ipad wake-up case 

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    bigdaddypbigdaddyp Posts: 811member
    I just bought two iPads for the kids. I know that at some point one will get dropped so I bought Otterbox iPad cases. Pain the a$$ to put them on but that is one rugged case. It's a combination hard plastic and silicon case with built in screen protector. Feels good in the hand but does add weight. Has a rubberized feel to the back of the case.

    If you want a case that will survive the zombie apocalypse (or kids) this is the one to get.
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