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It seems like cloud storage is going to be the next battle ground for multiple systems - OS'es..

Windows SkyDrive's free service gives its users a whooping 25Gb Free, and they also have an App for Macs. Anybody here can give me some feedback?

Compared here, , Its seems to be a better alternative.


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    They only offer 25GB for existing users, it's 7GB for new users. Their prices look to be much lower for storage upgrades though so it could indeed be a much better option.

    There's also the option for using your own storage if you are technically inclined. These storage facilities will just be webdav servers.

    There are some cool apps for iOS like filebrowser that let you connect to network storage (NAS) drives. You could buy a 250GB-2TB NAS drive, plug it into your home network and make it visible to the internet by forwarding ports (helps if you have a static IP). Then you could load up the drive over gigabit ethernet with content (movies, pictures, documents etc) very quickly.

    No matter where you are, you can upload/download as much content as you want without a subscription. The downside is that you have to do your own maintenance but the plus is that you can rip your entire DVD/Blu-Ray collection and photo collection to it, be at work, on a plane with wifi or in a coffee shop and stream whatever your upload rate of TV shows and movies from your own drive. If your NAS allows webdav (they don't all support it), you would be able to save and load Pages files etc on it.

    I'd probably use both personally but I'd go with the free iCloud + NAS for bulk storage. NAS is also a way you can go entirely PC free as it gives you that direct control over files.
  • Reply 2 of 5 offers 10GB free right off the bat. No need to install Lion first (and get yourself walled into Apple's eco system).

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    Originally Posted by AlvarezLuis View Post

    (and get yourself walled into Apple's eco system).


    Your facade is cracking off. See to that.

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    Now Amazon has an App for Mac, for cloud storage, nice! I've been using Spideroaks App for a couple of years now, gaining 5gb of free storage and ability to sync all my files to multiple devices / folders.

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