Apple TV 3rd generation

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Why do Apple TV's lock up?


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    I have three (second generation) and have never had one lock up. They have been flawless performers with nary a problem.

    I guess I wasn't even aware that they had a problem "locking up".
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    sammicksammick Posts: 416member

    I had a second generation, and now a third generation, and they both locked up---maybe it's Comcast---I don't know, but the last one that locked was because of a software update

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    conrailconrail Posts: 489member

    Does the actual device "lock up", i.e. needs a hard reboot by pulling the power cord, or does the video just freeze a lot?  If the latter, it's your crappy ISP.  And believe me, they're ALL crap.  

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    sammicksammick Posts: 416member

    It completely locks up --requires me to connect to iTunes and restore using a micro USB cable---

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    magicfingersmagicfingers Posts: 703member

    if you have to keep restoring that way you should take it to genius bar

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