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I installed Jaguar this weekend and have lost my software base station. I was using Birckhouse for IP sharing and routing, when I installed Jaguar it went stopped working.

I first installed on my client machine and everything was OK, but when I installed on my host the link was severed. I immediately went and reset up Brickhouse as before and it still does not work.

I see two potential issues.

1) I have found out that Apple put IP sharing back in the machine after I reinstituted brickhouse, Perhaps the two don't get along? I cannot figure out to get Brickhouse sufficiently uninstalled to make my mac happy. When I click on the "firewall" tab in the sharing prefs, it tells me that I have other firewall protection running and I have to diable it before using theirs. I cannot seem to get it turned off.

2) The host machine was using for an IP on airport. Now when I attempt to use this I get an error box stating that this IP is not in the computers subset and I should not use it.

Anyone know how to get my software base station up and running again?

Thank you.


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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    try the airport application in /Applications/Utilities
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    The airport utilities unfortunately have been of little help. The assume you are dealing with a base staion and seem to have little to do with other arrangements.

    A small update on my issue though, I was incorrect and the network setup is unhappy with my router address and not my IP. It says that is not in my computers subset, though that is what I have been using until I installed Jaguar.

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    well, I don't have Aiport myself, no.

    try that both your subnet's are the same.

    edit: or lure somebody in here who has airport

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    ok, first things first. i want to make sure i have an understanding of your situation..

    you have 2 macs both with airport running jaguar right?

    one of these machines is hooked up to some form of internet connection (dsl, cable, T1, or dial-up)

    it was working before but now the SABS doesn't work right?

    ok do this.... go into the system preferences and go to the sharing control click on the internet tab and click on start internet sharing on the computer you want to be the SABS

    that should do it


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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I have tried the internet sharing. My problem is that I seem to have a mix of my old IP sharing software (Brickhouse) and the new IP sharing that Apple just added to Jaguar. I am unsure of how to get my machine back to Apple specs to let the internet sharing work. I am not even sure that reinstalling the system will help.

    How and where do I edit startup scripts to shut off my old IP sharing setup? I can turn it off, but not enough to make Apple happy, I am sure I will have to remove the startup scripts for Brickhouse, but am unsure how.

    I feel lost in OS X i guess I will have to learn some unix. All previous versions of the mac OS felt like a comfortable old shoe, this one I am completely lost in and have no idea where to start when I encounter a problem.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    yeah i know what you mean wrt to unix and being lost it sucks...

    I am not familiar with brickhouse and how it works, but it seems as if it isn't needed anymore... you should try and look for an uninstaller on their site or an FAQ area on their site that might address your problem... worse comes to worse you should write them off an email asking for help... they will probably not give it to you but it is worth a shot...
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