60% of iOS developers lose money

in iPhone edited January 2014

An interesting infographic claims that most iOS developers lose money on their offerings in the Appstore.


According to a survey by AppPromo "only 12 percent of apps earned $50,000 or more and that this “top earner” subset spent an average of 14 percent of their time on marketing. On the side of app developers who weren’t able to break even, 52 percent of app developers set aside $0 and less than 5 percent of their time promoting their apps. That certainly makes the case that apps need at least some marketing to see any real returns."


Moral of the story? If you've going to take the time to develop an app, also take the time to do some marketing to make it a success. The AppStore is way too big to count on users finding your well-designed and fairly -priced iPhone/iPad app by pure chance. If you don't work as hard at promoting as developing you're probably doomed to being lost in a forest of 500K apps.



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    Yeah, because the App Store is a worthless piece of trash where you can't FIND anything! Good apps would do far better if users could actually FIND them, but NO~, we only have categories.


    I want to be able to SEE the trees, too. I want to be able to see something like "Games/Strategy/Real-Time/Grand Strategy & History/Victoria II" for a dive down into a single game.

    As it stands, both the App Store and Mac App Store are useless unless you already KNOW what you want from them.

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