iPad Mini Draws Strong Consumer Interest

in iPad edited January 2014

More than half (52 percent) of consumers would consider purchasing a hypothetical iPad "Mini" this year if it were priced between $249 and $300, according to a survey released Friday by online comparison shopping site PriceGrabber.com.

Of the more than 2600 consumers participating in the survey, only 22 percent already own a tablet.





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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    Aren't you the one that keeps saying it won't happen because Apple has to completely overhaul the OS because it's so fragile as to not support scaling resolution.
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    I am not the topic of this thread.  Instead, the topic is the iPad Mini rumor.

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    lol, nope.

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    venerablevenerable Posts: 108member

    So people who don't want to pay $499 for a tablet will happily pay half if it has the identical feature set with the tradeoff being a smaller size?


    In other news, huge demand exists for a $15,000 smaller-size Lexus.

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