iOS Patch 5.1.1 reduces battery life?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

My battery life has shortened significantly with this update.  Anybody else have this nice feature added?


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    jturn91jturn91 Posts: 1member

    Absolutely.  Downloaded 5.1.1 and immediately my battery drained at least 3x's as fast as prior to upgrade.  I have shut all apps down and am in the process of backing up and restoring the phone.  Ridiculous

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    juliantzjuliantz Posts: 1member
    I can see that the battery drains very fast even when the iPhone is not in use. I have turned off a lot of the location dervices, especially the one regarding the time zone, hoping it will work.
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    you should follow some power-save tips and tricks, such as,  turn off some useless functions.

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