Mail not syncing with gmail acoount

in Mac Software edited January 2014

Since yesterday my mail app isn't retrieving or showing me my new messages, but my new emails do appear on my iphone (I DON'T have a mobileme account).


I tried clicking on "Get Mail" and "synchronize gmail" but nothing worked. Every time I try to check for new mail the Mail Activity in the bottom left corner shows 85 of 85 incoming emails but nothing is showing up in my inbox. It also makes the no-new-messages sound.


I sent myself a test email from my macbook, this message did appear in my inbox. But when I tried sending myself an email from my iPhone it did not appear on my mac. When entering my gmail account directly from all of the test email are appearing in addition to other emails sent from various account to my email (and did not appear on my mac).


Help please?


Thank you very much!

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