Adaptec Firewire/usb card Problem

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i recently purchased an Adaptec Duo Connect pci card, which is a firewire/usb combo card. I put it in my beige g3 running 9.2. Powered up and my firewire harddrives and cdrw worked flawlessly, The only problem is that the usb port dont seem to do anyhting. I tryed installing the drivers from the disk in that came with the card but it gave me a message that all drivers on my system were current. Is this a bad card or is there a compatbility issue with the computer




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    What kind of things are you trying to plug into your USB port?

    If it is a CDRW, there may be an extension conflict with apple's disk burning software. In extension manager, disable all FireWire/USB authoring support and the disk burner extension. This seems to be the #1 problem on my machine.
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    So far i have tryed plugging in my pro keyboard and mouse into the usb ports, neither work together or separtely, the mouse didnt even light up, and after installing my printer software it came back and said that usb was not supported on my computer. Last i tryed plugging in a usb light that just lights up from the power in the usb ports, this did not even light. So it seems that there is no power even going to the usb ports, even though the firewire ports are fully powered, i can even charge my ipod thru it

    thanks for the speedy reply

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    Could test somehow that the firewire ports are supplying power to their devices? If firewire is getting power, the card is also getting power, and the card seems to work. The problem may probably be with the USB cables.

    I don't mean to sound rude, because this has happened to me...

    Did you plug the USB cable in up-side-down. My OrangeLink+ Firewire/USB2 card has the USB ports inverted on the card. I didn't realize that until I almost destroyed one port. I have to plug all my devices in with the USB logo down.

    Also, check the apple system profiler to see if the USB ports show up. (Firewire ports don't show on mine, but they still work.)

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