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The "Mac Editions" of current Video Cards are quite pricy (why, the ADC port?). If I didn't care about DVI or ADC, could I use a normal AGP Video card on an AGP Mac? Any reason why this *can't* be done?



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    [quote]Originally posted by Andor:

    <strong>current Video Cards are quite pricy (why, the ADC port?).</strong><hr></blockquote>My theory:

    Low demand relative to PC + little competition -&gt; high price

    As for your second question, what you you mean "normal" AGP card? Do you mean you want to buy a PC cideo card and try it? Good luck. It'll need drivers to do anything at all. If it's similar to to a Mac version card (like the PC Radeon is similar to the Mac Radeon) then there are tools on the web that will flash the ROM to make it act like a Mac card. If you go this route, do be very careful. Incorrectly flash a video card and it's dead.
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