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For some time I've been trying to change the icon for 'Windows Media Player'. No matter how often I try nothing happens. I finally gave up. But now some 3 or 4 days later it's there with the icon I had been trying to paste over the old one in the 'get info' dialog. What can be the reason for this?

Also, why do I have to click the desktop before downloaded files actually appear on the desktop?


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    1) Congratulations! You are the first person I know to see a BundleBit error. You should run a disk scan program, you may have errors on your drive.

    2) The download files will eventually show up in the desktop, but activating the desktop by clicking it will force the computer to refresh everything on the screen.
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    kelibkelib Posts: 740member
    Thanks, I ran some ScanDisk program and an error was found in 'Volume Header'. Repaired it and maybe it'll solve the problem
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    Maybe not,your talking about Windows here.I just was using ppt viewer,what a piece of garbage,everytime I run it it thinks it is the first run and reinstalls a bunch of files,which should have been put there during the intitial install in the first place.Then up comes a dialog to select a file,which I already had done by clicking on it,and the stupid app can't recognize it's own files-those with the ppt extension,and then when I select "Show all types of files" it thinks ppt files are folders.
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