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I am searching for fellow Euphonix MC Transport users.


I just purchased my MC Transport and having little luck finding support from other users in programming the device. Overall I love the device but setting up the commands has proven to be a bit challenging.




1) Is there a way to set Global commands? I do not see any options.



2) Anyone know how I can program my Mc Transport to assign key modifiers with a mouse click action? For instance, if i want the option key to pressed-while my mouse is dragging around the screen? In my 3d app I use I press the option key +while mouse clicking, it would be great to program just the OPTION key to the wheel button. I can’t see to do this.

Same goes for assigning, the Shift key, and command key. I can’t just assign these buttons alone, it wants it go along with another key. Example Shift +.


I'd like to hear from other users about their experiences or possibly even swap settings with each other.




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    Hi there,


    I am having the same experience with this device. I think its really cool and I just love the giant wheel, its a great device for some many reasons (although I must say not including a touchpad for mousing on any of the MC devices was an oversight, I think that would have make the Transport perfect)


    That said, I would strongly recommend: DO NOT purchase this product. 


    The support for this product is extremely POOR.


    The device itself does nothing - it requires software running on your computer to assign functions to all of the little buttons and even what to do when the wheel spins. NONE of these functions are pre-configured, and you will spend agonizing hours setting it all up.  You might think it is fairly obvious that, say, when reading a PDF or an ebook in a reader, spinning the wheelk would move you up and down the document, or ebook, or webpage, or word file, or whatever. It doesn't. You have to set that up yourself not once, but for EVERY SINGLE program that you might use to read something in. That means setting it up once for adobe reader, once for calibre reader, once for itunes, once for Chrome, once for IE, once for Firefox. Guess how many programs I currently have the wheel correctly configured on to use when reading documents? ZERO. Why? Because the software is REALLY buggy, and every time I go to configure a couple functions on it, it crashes. When it restarts, nothing is saved. I am only setting up three keys, I hit save after literally every single little thing I did at every stage of the configuration process, CRASH, nothing is saved. Pure aggravation. 


    On top of that, all the other functions that I bought it for are implemented very badly and are so buggy and unreliable, I simply can't use them because it just slows me down. The workstation switching is awful, even the application switching is bad, it doesn't work with the music composition programs I use (Ableton Live!!! hello??), it doesn't work with any of my other programs either, it doesn't have any presets, it won't even save my damn settings that I am forced to configure over and over, the config utility is written so badly it bugs out constantly and it doesn't even let you assign certain key combinations (shift + opt, e.g., or, assign just shift to the wheel)  it doesn't let you set any globals (bye bye number pad application launcher... great ideas can't survive bad programming and lack of support), and I am yet to find any importable configuration sets, nor any way to export my own, if I were in fact even able to create any.   


    This thing sits on my desk and has been sitting here for months now and I NEVER, EVER use it because the software is so poorly written. It is really appalling to say a nice piece of hardware like this turned to trash, and to know that they are out there peddling this thing with full knowledge that this slick looking device has a dirty little secret - you can't actually use it. 


    Do not buy this product. It is a real time waster that you will get nothing out of. a total nightmare. 

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    I haven't had the problems you are having. Mine rarely crashes and runs ok. I did notice if my computer went to sleep MC transport would loose connection. I turned of sleep on my mac and it has not been an issue since. 


    The only other problem is when you reboot you need to reconnect the device.



    I recently tried it with FCPX and found it had pre programmed controls, as well as MAIL and iTUNES.


    I personally do not mind having to configure the apps since I generally want different controls then they have set.

    I would wish the darn jog/shuttle wheel would work on every app as default.



    If your not using yours I'd buy or it trade u something nice!

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    John what OS are you running? Just curious.

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