Installing MacQuake 3 from PC CD

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
How do you install Quake 3 on a Mac from the PC CD?

As I understand it, you copy the Quake 3 directory from the CD and install MacQuake 1.30 (includes 1.30 application and some pk3 files), then any newer upgrades (e.g. 1.31).

The situation is complicated by Mac Quake 3 v1.30 refusing to install as I don't have Mac OS 9. MacQuake 1.30 is a VISE installer application: is a .sit archive available?

The machine:

Performa 6400 with 400MHz G3 upgrade


Voodoo 3

Mac OS 8.6

I've tried copying the .pk3 files from a PC to Quake 3/baseq3 and installing the 1.31 Mac executables, but it doesn't work; the cutscences are messed up and the Mac locks when a new game is started.

The Q3 demo and other OpenGL applications work fine.

On a related note, I managed to install Quake 1 onto my PC from a Mac CD (to check out Tenebrae, a lighting source code mod.), using the Basilisk II emulator .
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