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I expressed to my other half that I wanted an iPod. She says "sure", but she wants to see one before we buy. We went down the the apple store and she plays with one of the iPods for about an hour. She then finds me across the store and says "I want one too"...a complete shock to me! Now I know that they have a ton of aftermarket applications to let you put stuff off your iPod onto more than one computer. This is not the case, she loves the exact same kind of music I do..and before I cave in and get two 20GB-ers...I wanna know, is there a utility out there that I can put the SAME music from one computer on to both iPods? I mean I don't exactly wanna drop a large chunk on TWO of them, unless I can put the same music on both of them. If this is already available, please take it easy on me...

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    actually this is pretty easy. just sync both of them with iTunes off of the same playlist. that will keep both of them with the same music on them.

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    A little more detail: basically, the first time you plug an iPod into a Mac, the iPod then shouts "Mama" (metaphorically speaking) and will not download tracks from any other Mac. The Firewire hard drive functionality is not affected.

    Out of the box, you can use as many iPods as you like with one Mac, but only one Mac with each iPod.
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    Thank you SOO Much. I was a bit worried for a bit.

    Knew you could help.

    - tommy
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