Question for those in the know

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I currently have a 17" MBP (Core 2 Duo, 2.3GHz, from many, many years ago).

I really need the screen space, but my machine is rapidly falling apart from lots of use and abuse over the past 4-5 years.  So I have to upgrade now, I can't wait to see if a new 17" comes out (though I am tempted to buy a refurbished 17", that  just doesn't make sense for someone who tries to get 5 years out of each system [e.g., I still run a quad Power PC G5 at home).


I need more desktop space. Gonna have to buy a monitor. Sucks, 'cause I can't take the monitor with me and my MBP is used all over the world.


Question I have:

For a few hundred dollars more (okay, maybe a $1,000 or so) I can get an iMac and use that as a screen at home. However, do the ports on the iMac become usable with the MBP when you do this?  If not, I think I'd be better off buying the 27" display and a Mac Mini if I really wanted the second machine at home.

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