What does Apple have to produce in order to catch up to PC performance?

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Yes, I am currently a PC user. And no, this is not an attempt to start a flame war.

It is about time for me to upgrade my PIII 500 (which for most things, runs exceptionally well). I follow Apple products and I take a hard, competitive look at them when considering new purchases. I want the most power my money can buy and I occasionally even require that much power. The last time I bought a new computer, I weighed Apple in the balance and found them wanting. Now it is that time again and I find them further behind than ever.

My question to you is, given the fact that they might be releasing new hardware soon, what do they need to release for you, loyal Mac users, believe the Mac is once again competitive with the PC of today and tomorrow. I am not interested in the OS issue or the ease of use issue or the stability issue or the compatibility issue. My only interest right now is processor and hardware performance equity.

For those of you who believe the Mac is ahead of the game, tell me what you think the PC side has do do to catch up. Your opinions are only one part of my decision making equation, but an important part nonetheless.

(No flame wars please.)

Thanks for you help.


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