iTunes 10.6.3 hanging

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Does anyone out there know what app or software program is causing iTunes 10.6.3 to hang indefinitely. I am running a 6 month old Macbook pro running Lion with all the most recent updates for all programs and apps. When it does this everything goes into super slow mo. My cursor is the only thing in the present moment but have to wait anywhere up to 5 minutes for anything to respond to the cursor. I can shut down iTunes by holding the cursor over iTunes in the upper left, wait 5 minutes, sub menu opens up, click on Quit and wait another 5 minutes, then iTunes shuts down and everything is back to normal. HELP!


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    i have this problem too, after installing the itunes 10.6.3. It keeps hanging and i cant even move the cursor. I can just force quit it. When it is hanging, to do anything like moving the cursor or what, need to wait for few minutes, sometimes half an hour!  I am gonna try to downgrade my itunes.

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    I am sorry to hear that you have the same problem. I am happy to know it isn't just me. I am continuing to try to isolate what it is that is causing this. I have just spent the last 3 hours deleting add on software that I thought might be affecting iTunes. This is a very time consuming process because it seems to hang even longer, the longer you have it open. I will keep you posted. 

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    I have fixed the issue I believe. Do you by chance have an app on your machine called Zumocast? That seems to have been the culprit. Everything is working normally again and that is the only fully removed piece of software I have done. Good luck!

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    My iTunes will not update. When I do check for updates, it will pop up there is a new version of iTunes and asks me if I want to download it and when I click download iTunes it does nothing.  Any suggestions???

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    I used to have a hang issue with iTunes a couple of months ago (not with the latest 10.6.x version though).


    It turned out that if I ran iTunes with my iPod Nano 6G connected, it would hang upon startup - indefinately. If I ran iTunes without my iPod Nano connected and plugged in the Nano only after iTunes fully loads, there was no hang. Maybe this could help?

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