Macbook Battery Issues

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I've had my Macbook Pro for just a little under a year now.

I've tried to take very good care of it.

I've had a few issues with the charger actually charging, but that's been the charger's fault, so I had been getting ready to buy a new one.


My dog just knocked my Macbook onto the floor while it was running. It shut off completely. When I restarted it, the fan started running at a very high speed (I think- it's very loud). Also, the battery icon is doing this:

Battery icon

and claims that the power adapter is the power source. The power adapter does not have the green light on it while it's connected right now. Earlier, when it wasn't connected, it claimed that the power source was the adapter too.


I'm really worried. Am I going to need to buy a new battery? What's happened?


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    Quite possibly. The buying a new battery bit, that is.

    See what coconutBattery has to say about it first. Does the computer still work without the charger plugged in?
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    For a new battery, we advise that you update the BIOS of your laptop, and open the hardware automatic identification port of your laptop.

    When you use it firstly, you need to full discharge till the laptop shut off, then charge it about 11 hours. Usually, new battery need to fully discharge and charge for three or four times, which can achieve the best performance.  

    About the new battery, please set the power management of your laptop: Property -> Screen Saver -> power -> Power scheme -> Portable / Laptop -> please cancel about low battery alarm and serious shortage of battery alarm when use the battery.

    You could try to take out the battery from your laptop, and put it back again, repeat several times. Make sure that it isn't a poor contact problem between the battery and your laptop.

    If the battery works in higher temperature, the battery protection plate will work and the laptop restart program will make a termination order. You can take out the battery, put it back again, and avoid work in high temperature.

    In order to avoid some damage to the battery, please note:

    Please don't take out the battery when the laptop is in run status. 

    Please don't pull out the ac adapter frequently when the battery is charging.

    Please use high quality and reliable Dell Studio 1745 laptop ac adapter, not to use the universal laptop charger.

    Avoid the positive and negative short circuit. There is an overcharge and over discharge protection device inside the battery, so short-circuit may cause the battery damage. 

    Is there the battery problem if the new battery cann't charge?

    That's not usually the case. When equipment for the first time to recharge the battery, the instability of the voltage and current may cause the battery charge to 50% (sometimes more, sometimes less), and equipment stop charging the battery.

    If this happens,don't worry. You just remove the battey from the equipment, recharge again. First charging a new battery may need several repeated process. Please be assured that this is normal.


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