Clean install problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

Recently, my computer had a meltdown. A support rep walked me through doing a clean install as doing a regular install didn't work.


When I tried to use Time Machine on an external HDD to restore - NADA.  Gone even though I had been backing up daily for two years. This is the second time I've had problems with TM. Fortunately, I'd been using SuperDuper as well and was able to reinstall most of my stuff from another external HDD.


One of the things that didn't come back was MacMail mailboxes. I could do that again one by one, but I'd like to know if there is way to reinstall them and preferences all at once. 


Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.




Edit:  I found the mailboxes under Library>Mail>Mailboxes>Import.  Now I need a way to restore them to MacMail. How do I do that?  I've tried Mailbox>Rebuild but nothing happens.


Edit: I tried Mail>File>Import and it did import mailboxes, HOWEVER, they were only through 2008.


Edit: Trial and error works at times.  At first I tried to import mailboxes from Apple Mail; nothing happened. Then tried from Files in mbox format. A mess and no  emails later than 2008. I tried from Apple Mail again and, voila, it worked. Some emails from this past week were gone but I'm still happy.


Thanks for bearing with me while I went on this Safari (sorry about the pun).

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