Cant install back itunes on my vista 32

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 I used to have itunes on my windows vista 32 laptop.I use it to sync my ITouch.Everything was working well but then i decided to uninstall itunes because i just fix myself to have my Itouch loaded with my own music program. But then lately didnt even thought that i would have an Ipad3. Thats the time i realized i need to have Itunes again on my laptop to sync both devices. I tried to install the latest Itunes software but realized its so hard to install it back once again. I get an error which says:

"There is a problem with this windows installer package.a program required for this install to complete could not be your support personnel or package vendor.

The installer encountered errors before itunes could be configured.

Errors occurred during installation.your system has not been modified.

Pls run the installer again or click finish to exit"


Tried many ways but always same error.I also Tried installing quicktime as well because i remembered that i also uninstalled it before.I also get errors which says:

"Error writing to file: c:\programfiles\quicktime\propertypanels\panelhelperbase.qpa.

Verify that youhave access to that directory.


Error writing to file: c:\programfiles\quicktime\propertypanels\propertypanels.plist.

Verify that you have access to that directory.


when i check on those folders i saw they were empty.

Been looking for a solution for more than a week and i feel so frustrated and drain that i cant even sync any file on my Ipad3.

Hope someone can give me advice and help how i can install Itunes back on my laptop.

Thanks In Advance.

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