Airport Extreme - Better for Airplay?

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Hello all


I have a NetGear Wifi box (from 2007 so probably a g protocol only)  and recenly purchased an Airplay Speaker (Pure).  I have found that the speaker drops connection frequently and I am wondering whether I should seek to fix this by buying an Airport Extreme.  What are the chances that the Airport Extreme will work better than the NetGear when operating AirPlay because it is Apple hardware. I imagine fairly remote but thought I would ask.  I notice that it rarely drops when streaming from iTunes on my Mac, or from iPod app on my iPhone, it mostly drops when streaming from my NPR and MLB apps on my iPhone.




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    What kind of speeds are you getting on your home internet? Go to and post back the results.

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    This is a loaded question because there can be numerous causes for the problem. As suggested above, the first place to look would be making sure that your network is providing a consistent signal with enough bandwidth to stream the audio.

    Aside from starting there I can confirm that AirPlay can run brilliantly on Apple networking hardware. In my home I have two AirPort Extremes and some AirPort Expressed for AirPlay and everything works great. There were some growing pains along the way. My AirPlay would cut out when jumping between parts of my network, for example. But Apple patched up the last of my frustrations in the most recent AirPort firmware update.
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