FontBoss - Has Anyone Here used this?

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I just, finally, updated my wifes system. Her old system ran FontXplorer which she loved, it was also free. She's been running the 30-day demo, of the current version and can't stand it. It also sells for $80. We're looking for an alternative.


Today I saw a Macware bundle which includes FontBoss. We've never run it nor can I find any descent reviews on it. Has anyone here used FontBoss? Pros/Cons?


Thanks for any comments.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,876moderator
    It doesn't look like FontBoss has auto-activation. The main reason to use a 3rd party font manager is so you don't need to keep all fonts active all the time as it wastes system resources.

    It mattered more with older systems as they had active font limits so auto-activation allowed apps to switch on/off fonts on the fly but if there are thousands of fonts, it's best not having them active all the time.

    There are other features in font management apps like searching for common fonts based on the letter shapes but most other features are available in the system's Font Book app.

    Alternatives to FontXPlorer would be Suitcase and FontAgent pro, both $100:

    There's a cheaper app called Fontcase at $30 with auto-activate but it doesn't get good reviews:
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 259member

    Marvin, Thanks a bunch. That really helps. I'll checkout Suitcase and Fontagent Pro.


    Again, thanks.

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    Sorry to be so late. There is still a free copy of FontExplorer:

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