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I have a book I am writing and I am done with it and want to share it as an EPUB (for selling it on Amazon and for the Nook and other e reader formats) when done...only one problem I got the message when doing so: " floating objects aren't supported in ePub format"

So I found out by checking inline format that will work but it moves the text box and photo to where it want to go and not where I want it to be...this will not work so how do I make it stay where I place it and still save without the error of floating object issues....

In addition, when I let it go where it wants to go it lets me stay as an ePub and takes me to iTunes producer ( I have my books on iTunes made with iBooks Author) and is this right...I want to make it ready as an ePub not for Apple but for other eBook readers...

Can anyoe help?



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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    As you know, ePub is a superset of HTML. Therefore, you should be able to upon the automatically-generated ePub files with a text editor such as the free TextWrangler. Edit the links within the file to change them from their default locations to the locations that you want.
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    dmfettdmfett Posts: 141member

    Thanks for your answer...however, I am now even more confused...I am not a computer "geek"  but know a little more than the average guy...and do not know what your talking about on superset of HTML..


    I was under the impression that making my book (299 pages)  in Pages it would do it all for me by saving it as an EPUB...but the inline and floating issues do not allow me to save as an EPUB...I do not see how and what  TextWrangler will do for me other that more work...


    Is there any way to keep photos where I want them when I click on moves the photos to  the middle of the page and that will not do.



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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member

    Let me say this using words that perhaps you can understand. HTML and abbreviation for HyperText Mark-up Language. This is the plain text format that is primarily used to create web pages such as the one that you are reading now. Whether used for web pages or help files, HTML documents are plain text. ePub files are enhanced HTML files. The ePub files generated by Pages are document bundles much like regular Pages documents. A bundle is a special folder structure that contains text files, graphics files, and executable files. The most prominent bundles are OS X applications. Because ePub files are plain text files, they can be edited using text editors like Text Edit or Text Wrangler. Text Wrangler has no problem with the folder structure of the ePub bundles generated by Pages.


    It appears that you want features that conflict with the design goals of the ePub format. In dead tree and PDF electronic books, you may have the concept of fixed pagination and rigid formatting. ePub is a format that allows readers to have a good experience irrespective of the device used to read the book. Text flow and pagination are done on the fly. An ebook on the iPhone has a different number of pages than the same ebook on the iPad because the iPhone has a smaller display. An ebook on the iPad is portrait mode flows pages differently than the same iPad flows the same ebook in landscape mode.


    If you want to publish in the ePub format, then you need to understand the format. This is true of every publication medium going back to cave paintings. If you believe that you are too much the computer phobe to every understand this stuff, then you need to work with someone who does understand it.

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    dmfettdmfett Posts: 141member

    Your a very good teacher...thanks...I use a web design program  called Rapid Weaver for my web pages on I know little about HTML as I use the feature they provide, WYSIYG...


    Now on to Pages, How do I take what I created in my 2 books in pages and let it work as an EPUB since Pages changes every thing when I check all photos and text boxed in inline...Does a program such as Text Edit or Text Wrangler save as a EPUB once it allows me to have all photos in the proper place?  If so will it keep all photos and text boxes where I plead them and work in all other e readers?  Or do I export the fixed pages in Text Edit or Text Wrangler back to Pages? 


    Are the any tips you can give me on what to do now?



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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member

    Pages is geared to creating documents for hard copy. This will also work if you have PDF as the destination format. The ePub format is a different medium. I tried to make it clear that things that work on paper will not work in ePub. Think of every webpage that you have ever seen that have the message "This page works best at 640x480." at the bottom of the page. Well, this is worse than that.


    Many people believe that Word is just the bee's knees as a worprocessor. Word can export to HTML. Nobody believes that Word is the bee's knees for HTML creation. You prefer RapidWeaver which can edit Word-created HTML files. The ePub converter built into Pages is a good starting point. However, your ebooks may need tweeking in a real ePub editor or text editor. This is a general statement about file formats and is not specific to ePub. There are several freeware ePub editors available. The first that I tried was eCub. I recently found Sigil. The latter is a WYSIWYG ebook editor. Sigil will open ePub publications created in Pages. You may find eCub, Sigil, other ebook editors and builders at


    The recommended way to learn how to design web pages is to take existing web pages, study their HTML source files, and modify the source to fit your needs. Because ePub is a version of HTML, this recommendation is doubly appropriate. Because you are averse to the nitty-gritty of source files, you should first see how far a WYSIWYG ePub editor takes you.

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    dmfettdmfett Posts: 141member

    So it looks like I will make my two books in Pages and then save as an EPUB then export them to Sigil and the make sure all looks ok as an EPUB then save it for sending to Amazon and other that like the EPUB format.  I have dial-up so I hope the Sigil is a small file...if not I will have to wait till I can get the the Apple store to download...


    Apple's iBooks Author made the selling of my 2 books so easy and making them even easier...yes its an Apple only .ibooks extension for Apple only but I guess I was spoiled iBooks Author...


    Once again your a good teacher and thanks for that!

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    tapytapy Posts: 1member

    Make ePub from your stuffs like Images (.jpg/.bmp/.png/.tiff/.gif), PDF (.pdf), MS MS Word (.doc/.docx), Text (.txt), HTML (.html/.htm), CHM (.chm). use a professional ePub creator and create a good quality of ePub file. 

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