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I've had apps crash before, but I've never had this happen before. I took my iPhone out of sleep mode and opened Chrome. I had it open on a Wikipedia page when I noticed it was not responding. I thought it was still rendering. 30 seconds later it would not respond. The home button didn't do anything. Even holding the sleep/wake button down didn't do anything. I had to resort to holding the sleep/wake button and home button down to get the phone to shut down. Had I just put it back in my pocket and forgot about it, I would not have realized that it froze so bad it could not get phone calls or text messages. Wow. That's sad. Has anyone else had their iPhone totally lock up on them like that? 


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    I've hade a problem where my home button randomly stopped working and hade to restart my phone then go into settings then click general then go to accessibility then enable assistivetouch leaving forward it make home button appear on screen to touch to do things like go home turn up volume and more ,but as far as app crashes I've hade a app crash like yours before hade one that was loading really slow once then it randomly froze up and froze my entire phone ,i hade to force restart phone then make sure i double  tapped the home button and shut that app down from the running apps then check for an update to that app then re opened app and it was back to normal. To fix the problem your having sounds like you need to after you turn phone back on completely shut that app down by double tapping the home button then holding that app on the list of running apps till the - appears then click that to completely close and shut that app down, then re open that app and it will open up as if it hade been completely closed out like a quit web browser, with no tabs open and if a home page set will load up that page. If the problem persist delete that app and reinstall it if no updates are out for it. Good luck. Also if problem persist take it to the apple store genus bar and report problem to google to look into 

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