MacBook Pro 2012 vs MacBook Pro 2010

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Hello guys!

I am a computer engineering student. I am thinking of buying a MacBook Pro! I am getting the 2010 version for a cheaper price than the 2012 version. Please suggest me which to buy. Is there a big difference in hardware? Is there any considerable difference in Intel HD graphics 3000 and 4000??

Please help! Thank you! :)


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    jasonhjasonh Posts: 1member

    Yes, there is considerable difference between Intel HD 3000 and 4000 with the latter being 60% better in GPU power and being able to handle more graphics intensive apps and even play casual games at mid settings. Depending on the purpose of your use different models may suit you in different ways. Since you said you're on computer engineering the 13 inch macbook pro might just be the right size for you and you'll appreciate the better portability and weight reduction of it when compared to the 15 inch pro. The 15 inch on the other hand suits graphic designers and photo/video editors more as they need the additional screen estate offered by the bigger screen. It all depends on you, some people like bigger screens while some like better portability, anyhow both machine is more than capable of running what you need to do. Cheers!

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    Thank you very much for the reply JasoH. It was very helpful! :)

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    2012 has a quad core, 2010 has a dual core with 4 threads (emulated quad core, not quite as powerful though). I don't know about the graphics, I use discrete graphics (standard on 15 inch +), and the 2010 doesn't have thunderbolt.

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