Removal of 2008 Mac Pro RAID Card Help Please

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I have two of these early 2008 Mac Pros: a 2.8GHz sans RAID Card and the fastest 3.2GHz model with the Apple RAID Card. Because the RAID Card can't see more than 2.2GB of HD space, I pulled the card and moved all the larger drives from my 2.8GHz model over to it. But the former RAID Card Mac Pro now sees nothing as if there are no hard drives in it at all. Does anyone know what the trick is to completing the RAID card removal so that the fasster model acts like the slower one? Is there a trick regarding the RAID card motherboard connector cable? If so does anyone know where I can find complete instructions on how to complete the RAID card removal so the faster one can see the 4 SATA drives I moved over from the slower one? I know the faster one is working fine because it boot no problem from my Lion DiskMaker Flash drive and I am communicating to you with it now.


I am really desperate. If I don't get a reply in the next 36 hours I am taking it to the local repair shop to figure it out. But I'm low income so if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help somebody.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,209moderator
    As described in this thread:

    the iPass cable needs to be reattached to the motherboard. There is a video here going the other way:


    You should remove the drives and the fan assembly and reconnect the iPass cable to the motherboard, then put it all back together.
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    multimediamultimedia Posts: 866member

    Thank you very much. I poked around the internet a little more after posting this thread and found this solution although not with a video. Got it all working now. The cable needs a bit of rerouting that involves unplugging and replugging several other cables in that crowded corner of the motherboard directly under the fan assembly which is only two phillips #1 screws.

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