Steve Ballmer says Microsoft plans to compete with Apple in every market

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Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has said in a new interview that his company is "not going to leave any stone unturned" in competing against Apple.

Ballmer said Microsoft intends to make it "absolutely clear" that the company plans to compete in any market against Apple, according to CRN. He said Microsoft plans to "innovate everywhere" and bring its partners along for the ride.

The Microsoft CEO said he believes his company has advantages over the market in productivity, enterprise management and manageability. He said he doesn't see any market where Microsoft will let Apple go uncontested.

"Not the consumer cloud. Not hardware-software innovation. We are not leaving any of that to Apple by itself," Ballmer said. "Not going to happen. Not on our watch."

The interview comes soon after Microsoft unveiled its new Surface tablets, with hardware that the company designed itself. Microsoft's creation of both the hardware and software for Surface is a major transition for the company and gives it an approach similar to Apple.


Apple and Microsoft will not only face off in the tablet market this fall after the launch of Surface, but both companies are also launching next-generation versions of their mobile and traditional PC operating systems. Apple is set to launch Mountain Lion this month while Windows 8 will debut in October, and Apple will release iOS 6 this fall around the same time as Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.

The two companies also compete in the set-top box market, where Microsoft's Xbox 360 offers video and music content in addition to games, while the Apple TV features Apple's iTunes content and can stream games and other material to an HDTV.


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    freshmakerfreshmaker Posts: 527member

    Oh boy.

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    rot'napplerot'napple Posts: 1,839member

    Oh Ballmer, haven't you suffered enough?!  


    I never knew Balmer was a Sadomasochist who loved pain and suffering or misery wrought on others!




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    Fatboy's obsessed.

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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    Nothing he ever says seems to be the right thing.
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    gazoobeegazoobee Posts: 3,754member


    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    "... Not the consumer cloud. Not hardware-software innovation.  We are not leaving any of that to Apple by itself," Ballmer said. "Not going to happen. Not on our watch."...


    It's been pointed out elsewhere already, but this is exactly what has already happened "on his watch."  

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    freshmaker wrote: »
    Oh boy.

    solipsismx wrote: »
    Nothing he ever says seems to the right thing.

    Was that on purpose, because it's funnier if it was.
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    I'm sure tomorrow someone from PR will fix what he said now. lol

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    reklss41reklss41 Posts: 21member

    "I'm sorry, we will try to copy Apple in every market and fail miserably." -Steve Ballmer

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    drax7drax7 Posts: 38member
    Steve jobs had such a low opinion of this clown. He has been competing all
    Along and now how wakes up to it. The surface will be another sink hole.
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    retrogustoretrogusto Posts: 739member

    OK, so now we know if they hope to compete with Apple at some point, and I guess it's just a question of when, right?

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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    Was that on purpose, because it's funnier if it was.

    Nope. I forgot a word.
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member

    When you roll up the sleeves of a buttoned down Brooks Brothers shirt you are automatically conflicted.


    I can just see the new commercials.


    "Hello, I'm an iPad."


    "Hello I'm an iPad wanna be."

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    bobbo22bobbo22 Posts: 2member I guess that whole possum strategy by Microsoft isn't working out so well.

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    skyweirskyweir Posts: 13member

    Bring it on Monkey Boy.

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    zoolookzoolook Posts: 657member

    [quote]He said Microsoft plans to "innovate everywhere"[/quote]


    That's not really innovation at all, which really confirms what is obvious about Balmer. He doesn't understand innovation at all.


    In fact, the entire statement just screams "we're going to follow Apple everywhere and stifle their innovation wherever we can".  He really is a monkey.


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    "not on our watch" if this refers to his tenure at the helm, then it won't be much longer that he'll be competing in every segment that Apple is in. 

    Based on his performance, he can't be much longer at microsoft.

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    freerangefreerange Posts: 1,589member
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,288member

    Late to the party and brings Boone's Farm. Sometimes it's better to be one of the cool kids.

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    seankillseankill Posts: 489member

    I don't see this being so bad, maybe theyll make a TV and it'll be like an xbox. They sell it for a loss.

    Then I can buy TVs for people for christmas. Just gotta leave before they try to turn it on.

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