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My soon to be daughter-in-law purchased an iphone4 last Oct. She absolutely loved it until about 6 months ago when it started having problems. Won't connect to internet, rarely gets signal, usually won't load her apps, if she does get a call usually drops the call.


My son has an iphone4 (one of ones that requires it to be in case to use it), my boyfriend has an iphone4 purchased about a year ago and I have an iphone4s. None of our phones have any the problems she's bee experiencing.


My daughter (who lives on the other side of town) just bought and iphone4 about 2 months ago and is experiencing similar problems, just not quite as severe. She purchased the phone through AT&T and when she went there they sent her to the apple store and said it was still under their warranty (until oct). She went to the apple store (half hour to 45min away one direction) and they told her it was AT&Ts issue and when she went back to AT&T they said it wasn't their issues since everyone else in the house has iphone and don't have problems getting signal.


Since then she's been to the apple store at least 4 or 5 times. They have replaced the phone 3 times and for some unknown reason each phone has had the same issue. I myself have seen her come home so excited that the phone works only to have it lose signal as she is walking up the driveway. She can sometimes get signal if she wants to stand in the middle of the road to be able to make a call (which I have seen her do). She got very tired of running down to the apple store only to be given another phone that won't work. She's spent countless hours on the phone with apple care (who I refer to as apple don't care once they have your money). She's had the phone wiped clean and most recently had them do a dfu. Only some of problems have been noted in her file even when she's told it has been.


Most recently through apple care she asked if they could give her an iphone4s since she can't seem to get the 4 to work after spending 2 months jumping through their hoops trying to get the problem resolved. She even explained that she's currently unemployed, trying to plan a wedding and she and my son are buying a house and she had no idea if she's missing calls from prospective employers, or missing calls from the wedding venue or missing calls from their realtor (which she knows she's missed calls from him but luckily he was able to get ahold of my son).


I know I've called her and she's not gotten the calls and sometimes doesn't even show she missed the call. She's had friends call and leave voicemails that never show up. And for all her trouble she's having to pay her phone bill for a phone that at best only works about 10% of the time. When I'm home she often uses my phone. Last friday after another lengthy call with apple care she was told that if she would once more go to the apple store and if they could verify at the store that her phone wasn't working properly that they would send her a 4s.


She asked for a copy of notes to be sent to her email so she had proof that was what she had been told and she did receive that email. I took her to the store where they did a dfu and after that they were able verify that even after doing the dfu her phone in the store would not get consistent signal (kept jumping around). She got a copy of the notes the apple store employee put in her file verifying that there was problems with her phone. She call apple care back and after 45 min was told they would send her an iphone4s, got all her information and credit card info (in case she didn't return her ipone4). She was told she'd receive an email that she needed to answer some questions then electronically sign it and when they received the email back her phone would be fedexed overnight.


The next day she received a call from apple care saying that they weren't send the phone, that someone would be calling to have her hook up her phone to a computer so they could verify that there was a problem with her phone. They told her that since it was now saturday afternoon she wouldn't get that call until sometime monday. She told them that if they called she probably wouldn't get the call so if they didn't get her on her  phone to try my phone as I was going to be home or my sons phone. Monday came and went and no call. Tuesday she left 2 messages with the person she'd talked to and left voicemail saying she still hadn't gotten any call about her phone. She never got a call from anyone yesterday so today she called apple care again and asked to speak with a manager.


When she explained what had been going on and that she wanted a phone that actually worked, the manager told her they would not send her a 4s. He read the notes in her file and that the person who told her that's they'd send her a 4s shouldn't have told her that. He told she could just mail her phone to them and go without a phone and that since it wasn't working anyway it shouldn't be that big a deal to be without a phone for a week or two and they would try to fix her existing phone, or she could just keep going to the apple store and replacing it with another iphone 4 until she finally gets one that works. 


I have several apple products and luckily mine haven't had any issues but I don't think I will ever purchase another apple product knowing if I do get a defective product their supposed "customer service" will cost me countless hours on the phone, many hours of my time and gas to get back and forth to the apple store at least a half a dozen times all to basically be told, to bad, we won't stand behind our product.


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    Indeed, paragraph breaks would be most welcome.

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    Why not try a sim card from a working iPhone in her phone to see what happens. If the problem doesn't persist then go back to the cell company. If the problem does persist, you could ask for a refund.

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