Somehow 2 copies of Pages, one much larger

in Mac Software edited January 2014

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After updating this morning to OSX Mountain Lion, and updating iWorks, I noticed a second update happening to Pages.  After investigating, somehow I have 2 copies of Pages, both the most current version.  One copy is in iWork 09 folder, the other is just in Applications.  The one in Applications is 584.6 MB, the one in the iWork folder is only 268.4 MB, is that because the stuff in iWorks share a lot of files?


My main question is, can I delete the stand alone version of Pages ( I was hesitant because the file size - was worried I might be losing something if I delete ).


Only Pages shows up as Purchased in Mac App Store - so I'm guessing my copy of iWork 09, has been upgrading with me over the years from Mac to Mac.




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