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Is anyone else having trouble with an eMac getting a vibrating or fuzzy monitor. My monitor used to look really shaky and then went into periodic fuziness. When the problem was just shaky images I took it to the local apple store and the problem went away for a little while then came back and became the fuziness problem. Please help if you can


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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    are you near a power line or a train station?

    do you have some big speakers around? anything else which sends out electromagnetic waves?
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    The one thing I see really bad with those eMacs is the high refresh rate at higher resolutions. If you crank it up, and look at the screen in your peripheral vision, you'll notice the shaking. This is actually terrible on you're subconscious mind and often causes head aches. LCDs have no such refresh rate.
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    imudimud Posts: 140member
    This is sooooo true, my old pc had a 19" crt and I was always getting headaches or my eyes would get that grainy feeling after long usage. Now that I have my 17" iMac I can stay online forever without headaches or grainy eyes. Dunno if it was the shaking or the radiation that crt's spit out
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    Did the people at the Apple store actually do anything? Sometimes monitors can be adjusted a little. My feeling is that if somenthing is going so wrong that it needs adjustment it will keep getting worse till you need to replace the device. If your eMac is still under warranty then contact Apple about this.
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