Problems setting up Time Machine w/an external drive

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

Ok so I setup a QX2 storage unit from OWC today (6TB of storage, I'm happy) and I setup 2 partitions for my Time Machine (which is backing up as we speak) and one for my wife's MacBook Air.  I made sure that the drives were setup as Sharing drives and I eventually added her as a User on my system.  She is able to see the External itself, but it does not show the partition I set aside for her use.  I tried adding Admin to her, but it is telling me I need to reboot, so I have to wait 2 hours till my backup is done :)  This external is hooked directly up to my Mac Mini w/FW800 and we don't have a router that has an option to set it up there.


1) After I reboot to give her Admin rights, will she be able to see things properly?

2) If that doesn't work, is that something that could work if I snagged OS X Server?

3) Are we just destined for her not to see that partition?  She can see the main drive, but not the sub-partition.  I'd rather not have her Time Machine backups hitting the main drive.



Any ideas?  I didn't see anything exactly like this over on the Apple site.

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