Samsung exec says patent struggle with Apple is 'unreasonable'



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    You must be a Samsung iFone user.



     If you read the 2nd last sentence I'm a 4S user. Have had an Iphone since the 3G.

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    And this is where the nonsense comes in. It is okay for Apple to steal, as along as they do it before the idea is patented.




    Apple is shameless about stealing great ideas.

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     jus wait till the verdict next month, and then feel free to say, in your face, told you so, shove it... to whomever lost. -_-



    There are two likely responses when the verdict comes out:


    If Apple wins, then anybody who disagrees with the verdict will be villified.

    If Apple loses, then anybody who agrees with the verdict will be villified.

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    I'm impressed with how many factual errors are packed into a single post accusing others of ignorance.  Though the general motif of a mouse-controlled GUI came from Xerox PARC, Apple 1) Specifically negotiated for access 2)spent a long time turning it from a not-very-useful proof-of-concept into an intuitive and easy-to-use *product*.  No one is arguing that Apple invented the touchscreen, of course, nor that they made the first smartphone, nor that they invented Unix.  The Fingerworks item isn't wrong so much as beside the point, since Fingerworks is a part of Apple at this time.  I hardly know what to say about Ubuntu and the App Store, because the Ubuntu Software Center wasn't even started as a project until 2009, after the iOS App Store had been out for almost a year.  Other smartphone software stores would be much better examples of prior art or whatever it was you were going for.  I'm also not sure what to say about Motorola's "Face" calling over "3G".  Various kinds of video calls have been around for longer than we've had packet-based networks, so that can't be the 1993 invention in question.  If the claim is that Motorola invented performing video calls over 3g, then I have to point out that in 1993 2G voice had just barely been finalized, and CDPD was the fastest over the air cellular digital technology available, topping out at less than 20Kbps.  The GPRS standard only arrived in '97, and that could rarely do any better than ~56Kbps.  3G rolled around in 2000 at the very earliest.  And in any case, the main innovations involved in Face Time are the methods used to establish and transfer call events, a key feature of which is network agnosticism.


    So basically you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.


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    This whole "someone got a galaxy instead of an ipad thing," is simply human stupidity. First off, you would have to be legally blind and not able to look at the box of the tablet to screw that up, secondly if you're legally blind why are you buying a tablet in the first place.


    Human stupidity or lack of looking at what you're buying should not be a reason or even a point of argument.


    What really gets me with the thread is the how many ignorant people are here. By ignorant I mean "lack of knowledge" seeing as how so many people use it as a dig as someone when it doesn't really apply to the situation.


    This is the first time I've seen this site, and it's absolutely amazing how many users here are so hardcore apple yet it's as if they don't even read news articles, or research what they use when they have the internet literally at there fingertips. I can't even begin to understand how people can be so loyal to a company that goes against the evolution of technology.

    I can already hear it "WHATTTTT!!! Apple is an innovator!!! They are the evolution"


    Let's outline a few things:


    First off, Apple is notorious for not sharing, while Microsoft and now Android continue with open source to revolutionize the computer and tech world. Apple runs closed systems and architecture without sharing anything to benefit the private sectors unless its specifically benefits Apple.


    They have always been about the profit and not moving forward, UNLESS of course its there product specifically that moves it forward.


    GUI - Graphical User Interface was developed by xerox first, so nope, they didn't invent that.......They didnt invent the touchscreen....or the cell phone....Smartphone??? Nope, blackberry takes that one....hmmmmm so what did they invent? Nope, not the mouse.....Apple didnt even build from scratch there OS...Nope, its a UNIX based system originally designed by AT&T in the 60's. Your Dock, with all your pretty icons? Nope they didnt invent that...omg...THEY totally invented multi-gestures......Nope, Fingerworks developed it, and guess who bought out Fingerworks...You guessed it...Apple.

    Your app store? Brainchild of ubuntu software.


    The first true tablet was built in 1989, and your "Face time" marketing scheme is a joke as Motorola made Face calling a reality since 1993 over 3G. Yes....1993...and 3G. And Apple has the audacity to go after Motorola?


    I love the fact, Apple can recklessly claim so many things with marketing, yet never get called out on it. They blatantly go around using other companies patented designs and when they get caught go "oops, we'll pay the minimal licensing fee, my bad!"


    So, why, if Apple can do all this, why can't other tech firms produce there own product that are a rectangle with corners and glass? We're not even going after software or the guts or anything else.


    Here are your patents:



    For those of you who don't want to read them, (ooooooooo pictures) The solid lines are the patent, the dotted lines simply show the rest of the phone.


    After reviewing these patents. Apple is most DEFINITELY going after samsung over a rectangle. Although "just a rectangle" is a simplified explanation. That is technically what it is about.


    They even went as far to patent an "uncluttered front face"


    Please someone explain to me how with evolution of touchscreen devices with or without Apple trending touchscreens (something Apple never invented in the first place) how exactly you can have a touchscreen phone that isn't uncluttered. The whole phone is MEANT to be a screen in the first place, it HAS to be uncluttered....ITS A SCREEN!


    That's almost as bad as saying you want to patent a monitor because you have no buttons on the front of it and it has sharp edges. RIDICULOUS


    When the hybrid craze hit the world, did Toyota with over 2500 hybrid patents lock and load and blow away the competition to secure the market? HELL NO! why? Because its BAD BUSINESS. Period. You can achieve far more by working together or by sharing technology


    Through licensing fee's they've helped to evolve technology and have other companies develop there own which in the end has only bettered mpg fuel economy substantially in the past 5 years. Which is good for everyone.


    Unfortunately this can only be negative for Apple no matter what the outcome. Apple fanboy's of the world should be shaking in there boots...why? Because they're pissing off all the big boys...Google, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, etc.


    Samsung produces all of Apples chipsets, and at first only Samsung could actually provide the retina displays Apple was so strictly seeking. They ended up going with LG to produce them which begs the question if something happened behind closed doors as LG and Sharp couldn't produce them to Apples strict standards in the beginning....


    That's right, your Apple product has Samsung guts, an LG screen, and its made by Foxconn in China, the same company that produces Dell computers and Microsofts Xbox 360.


    To say Samsung's under Apple is hilarious. Apple is only as strong as there supply and demand if they're #1 (which they are not anymore) Guess who has an iron grip on the supply chain? Samsung. Apple cant simply walk away from Samsung and be like "OH heyyyyyyyy can someone else produce millions of chipsets for us tomorrow mmmmmk"


    Instead of trying to go after all these different companies they should be trying to regain there #1 position. It's almost as if the Iphone has already played all its cards as it's technically the exact same since the 3G came out so this is the only shot they have left to attempt to secure the market.


    It's disappointing to see this is the road Apple has taken, there fate is sealed. The release of the Iphone 5 may be the push over the edge as it will probably be the same as my 4S...with a bigger screen.


    I am dissapoint :(

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