New folder Applications (Mac OS X)?

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On my wife's new 17inch LCD iMac I noticed that the applications are not in the Applications folder (which still exists and looks the same as expected). They are in a folder called Applications (Mac OS X). There is also a folder called Applications (Mac OS 9).

The normal Applications folder has iTunes and nothing else. The folder Applications (Mac OS X) has all the other OS X applications.

Has anyone ever seen this? Can I just move the apps back to the Applications folder and delete this strange folder? Is this a new way for OS X to organize applications?


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    Possibly because you are using clasic still so it seperates the two folders so there is no complications
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    noseynosey Posts: 307member
    Umm... I don't think that's it. My system still has 'applications' and 'applications (Mac OS 9).

    I haven't noticed a more distinct seperation to 'applications (Mac OS X)on my antiquated system...
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    just move all the stuff in "Applications (Mac OS X)" into the folder "Applications" and delete the empty folder.

    I'm not sure how the other folder got created, but it's useless anyway.

    if you made any system updates while having the folder "Applications (Mac OS X)" update it again.
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    I checked with the local Genius Bar. They had no idea where this came from. They suggested wiping the disk and reinstalling.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    that's not necessary
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    My thoughts too. I would think I could just move everything to the Applications folder and go from there. I guess his thinking was that something weird happened and to ensure that it won't happen again it is best to start from a clean slate.
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