Backing Up Media/Document Files

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

So outside of my time capsule backup would like to have an automated backup of all my personal files (music, pictures, video, documents etc.) running to another hard drive.  Ideally I just want it to pull anything with those extensions and drop a copy off on the hard drive.  There are file synch programs - which I believe I can set one way (so the computer is always the master copy) but as my file/folder structure is a bit of a mess would prefer to not go in and designate all the various folders and find out I am missing one - but instead want it to pull any file off with the right extension and drop a copy down.  


Preferably on an automated basis so I don't have to think about every time I download some photos.  Ideally one that if I delete on the computer will get rid of the backup.  But not sure if I can do that via file extensions vs. folder by folder which is how various synch programs talk about it. 


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