Hello Apple Insider!

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I just wanted to introduce myself here as a newly registered AI member and a fellow lover of Apple products and the Apple culture. Been rocking iPods since '04 (which is what brought me back to Apple after many suffering years of pc's) and my 2007 MBP is still going strong even though it has been well used & loved. I recently (April) got my iMac and I am IN LOVE with it! 27", quad-core (I believe) and loading it up with great apps. It all comes full circle as my first computer was an Apple II E which I still have stored away.


Look forward to some lively discussions with you all!




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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Nice to again welcome a genuine person here instead of an astroturfing cut/paste mob.

    Welcome, and enjoy!

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