Two iCloud Accounts leading to Apple ID being deleted

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Disclaimer: I don't fully understand what has happened so please excuse the bad explanation. 



I had two apple ID accounts; [email protected] & [email protected] And I have used the yahoo account now for 6 or so years now mainly for iTunes and more recently the Mac App Store. However when I got an iPhone I signed up to mobileme so I could have the Find My iPhone feature, but I continued to use my [email protected] account to buy music and apps. However once iCloud came out I left the  [email protected] account and upgraded my [email protected] account so I could start using the iCloud features.


The Problem

I recently brought a MBA and noticed my contacts and other stuff was not syncing through my [email protected] iCloud account. So I went into My Apple ID manager and didn't see anything strange. However when I looked at my iPhone and went to Settings>iCloud>Account I saw that my Apple ID was [email protected] BUT under advance it was "Mail [email protected]which is something I hadn't set up. So I went to My Apple ID manager and tried to log into [email protected] but I didn't know the password so I requested it to be reset by having an email sent to me. 


Note I requested for my ME account password to be reset. Instead I got an email to my YAHOO account asking me to reset my password. So I went ahead and reset the password on my YAHOO account. I then tried logging into my ME account on the Manage My Apple ID website using the password I just reset for the YAHOO account. And it worked. I noticed that my YAHOO email address was the primary address for this account so I deleted it and changed it to another email Z


In doing this, my YAHOO account somehow got deleted. I only realized this when I couldn't log into it anymore and resetting the password wasn't working. So out of curiosity I tried setting up a new apple ID with my [email protected] address expecting it to say this email is already being used. But it didn't it created a brand new Apple ID. 


This has now created two problems. The first I cannot access any of my old purchases I made on my [email protected] account even though I am logged in as [email protected]    (This extends to iTunes, iTunes Match and Mac App Store). Second I now have the old [email protected] that needs to be connected to one of my emails which isn't a problem in itself but don't understand why a MobileME account needs to be linked to another email or have a different email as its primary email address. (I have other me addresses that don't have this problem.) 


So I was hoping someone has experienced a similar issue to this and knows who I should call or speak to. I have called apple three times and they all have no clue, and since iCloud is a cross-platform issue I keep on getting "told off" because my iPhone is out of free technical support even though I just brought a MBA with Apple Care about three days ago. 


Thanks for any help. 


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