Next Generation iOS 7 UI and Functions Concept.

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Take a look at the concept I made for future iOS Versions. Users can create personal  digital bubbles around them by using the gyroscope and sixaxis, and a virtual 360 sphere.



There is no visual idea, but a similar app for this is the 360 Panorama App found in the App Store, the Apps and Files * Photos and Videos can be placed around the Digital Sphere and we can navigate the UI by rotating it in a directions. The user can hold an app to move it and drop it in that location by letting it go, Then the user can find that app of file by rotating his device to the location zone he left it at.


Hope you guys can understand it, it's just basically a 3D Bubble that can be navigated easily by shaking the device... to get back to the classic Page Views just shake the device again.


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    What was the point of that video? What in that text couldn't have been related in actual text?

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    strat09strat09 Posts: 158member

    I felt people were too lazy to scroll through text.... and the black background makes it cooler. It's also my favorite font.

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    strat09strat09 Posts: 158member

    I also feel like if you weren't here to argue... this concept would have never been created... thanks man.

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    strat09strat09 Posts: 158member

    We just revolutionized the world.

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    strat09strat09 Posts: 158member

    well not yet, apple just has to build it. And Now I'm gonna go play Sim City 3000.

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    I think you've totally lost it, but the threads with your ideas have been the most fun I've had in a good long while. 


    Here's to the crazy ones; don't stop coming up with ideas. Just… have them make a little more sense, is all. 

    Kudos to you.

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