USPS ban on shipping iPhones, iPads, laptops overseas - how to send to relatives w/o UPS,FedEx (too

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As most of you are already aware, the United States Postal Service caved to the International Postal Union who wanted them to stop U.S. residents from being able to ship the upcoming iPhone 5 overseas to their friends and relatives. They site it being due to lithium battery dangers on planes even though no device contained lithium product such as the iPhone has caused problems only a cargo plane incident that had skids of lithium batteries.


This is really about the problem other nations' postal services are having with workers stealing popular Apple products in route to the address. Because most shippers purchase insurance when using USPS Express then when USPS hands it over to the other nations' carriers they become responsible. If the item gets stolen, USPS ends up compensating the shipper then turns to the other carrier (since USPS tracks and knows they handed it off in tact to the other carrier) for reimbursement. Sure, the other nations' carrier ends up firing the employee for the theft after investigation, but due to their low wages, they don't recoup the financial loss.


So, in anticipation of the iPhone 5, the new USPS banned on all products containing lithium batteries with the excuse about plane safety. But, of course they still put them on planes domestically since they know there really isn't a safety issue. In fact, most pilots use iPads as their manuals. Even the U.S. Air Force uses iPads.


And, to really show this ban is about the iPhone 5, USPS even stated they may take away much of the ban in the first part of 2013 (after the Christmas season).


So, my question is: Since most people overseas do not want things delivered UPS or Fed Ex because they get charged a terrible $150 fee to hand the item over to the person, has anyone had success in sending an Apple product overseas to a relative or friend (like U.S. military) recently and still be able to have it insured? Remember, if you lie to USPS about what's in the box, buy insurance, then it gets stolen or lost, they don't have to compensate you since they have the ban in place. Christmas is coming and I've got to find a way to ship electronic items to relatives overseas which may contain lithium batteries (every iPad, iPhone that I know of has this, right?). Help.


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    So they're stopping people from shipping a device that doesn't yet exist, about which they know nothing, and which will never exist under that name? 

    Exclusively, or as a ban on all computers of all sorts with batteries?

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    The USPS ban is on shipping anything outside the United States which contains a lithium battery. This was implemented in May with an obvious intention focused on the next iPhone release. And, they anticipate lifting part of the ban to allow small shipments per person, but not until after the Christmas season.
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    Originally Posted by EdKent View Post

    This was implemented in May with an obvious intention focused on the next iPhone release.


    I don't really see how that follows.

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    I just shipped an iPhone4 to the UK today without the battery via USPS. I'll keep you posted in a few days to see if it made it.

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    I really hate it so much!!!! I purchased my iPhone 5 under my contract at AT&T, and had my brother from Indianapolis shipped it to me here in Ukraine.... Box came empty, stuck with a contract, not sure if the USPS will give me my money back that I paid at AT&T, even that the phone cost on eBay over $800, and here in Ukraine over $1000, the funny thing... today I found out that the phone been Unlocked some how.... I don't know what to do, and looks liked I’ll be with out iPhone for 2 years ;-(. I am pretty sure crime happening at Sort Facility in Chicago, because the box got delayed over there by 3 days. This is Crazy!!!! If any one can help me with any info, I’ll be thankful.

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    Did your package arrived? Thank you.

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